OpenTibiaBR is a nonprofit organization founded in 2019 focused on awakening the open tibia server community in order to improve projects and tools.

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Our main repositories on GitHub:

​Canary Engine​

It is a project that aims to be an engine for MMORPG games, which will also become the engine of OTServBR-Global. The idea for this project is still under construction and should be explained in more detail shortly.

This is a server based on MMORPG Tibia. The repository was created in 2019, initially on GitLab, but later migrated to GitHub, achieving great success with audiences and contributors. Getting to be one of the most used distributions in open tibia server lists. It currently has over 1400 commits and over 1500 open pull requests, around 90 open issues and over 1000 that have already been resolved.


This is a client compatible with the base Canary and OTServBR-Global. It is a fork of Edubart's otclient, however, with 12x version support and with several improvements and bugs resolved. Special thanks to Mehah.
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